Welcome to the Takoma Baseball Academy. If you're looking to take your game to the next level, you've come to the right place.  Our unique aproach to learning the fundamentals and mechanics of baseball will increase your abilities and most importantly, you'll have a lot of fun working with us!

Strength and Conditioning

Welcome to our product shop.  Below are our recommended training products and educational tools that we've personally tested and offer our unbiased opinions on them. Many of these products are used in our training sessions. Simply click on the pictures below to go directly to the product pages for purchase. 

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TBA's Top Strength and Conditioning Tools

1. Driveline Leather Weighted Baseballs

A Pitcher's arm needs to be fit. One of the fastest ways to add 10-15 mph to your fastball is to train with weighted balls following a safe program. These are the best weighted balls on the market and clearly labeled and color coded for easy reference.  
2. Resistance Bands

A must-have for every pitcher. No need to go out and buy an expensive name brand product.  This simple set works great at strengthening and protecting the shoulder muscles from the heavy load of bullpen sessions. Use this everyday as a warm-up before practice, recovery workout, or injury rehabilitation.
3. Grip Strengtheners

Whether you're a catcher, pitcher, or hitter, your grip is one of the most overlooked areas that you need to train. This set is a perfect combination of tools to work every tiny muscle in your fingers and forearms.

4. Power Core 360 - Advanced

This is by far the best resistance training device that's ever been created for baseball players. Not only is it great for pitching traingin, but also hitting and catching. It's simply revolutionary.